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A Tweet Comparing Travis Kelce and Joe Alwyn’s Answers to This Taylor Swift Question Is Going Viral…



Travis Kelce just went through a fleet of interviews to promote his music festival—aka Kelce Jam—and each of his musings on Taylor Swift is cuter than the next.

How-ev-er!!! Due to the footballer being completely open and not holding back at all, fans have—inevitably ¯\_(ツ)_/¯—compared his quotes about Taylor’s music to those of the singer’s ex Joe Alwyn, who was famously extremely private about their relationship.

Case in point? When the pro athlete was asked about listening to Taylor by Entertainment Tonight, he gushed, “That’s my everyday playlist. Not just my game day.” Meanwhile, when Joe was asked about his favorite Taylor song by GQ, he simply responded, “I’m just not even going to go into that side of the world.” 👀

While Joe is certainly entitled to his privacy, it’s worth pointing out that when he and Taylor broke up, a source said that the actor “has struggled with Taylor’s level of fame and the attention from the public. The differences in their personalities have also become harder to ignore after years together. They’ve grown apart.”

At the time, an Entertainment Tonight insider also noted that, “It was more of Taylor’s decision to break up, but both of them realized that they weren’t completely right for one another. They had been together for such a long time and were spending so much time together, but their personalities were just too different. Joe is more introverted, shy, and quiet.”

Point is, Joe is just an “introverted, shy” guy and Travis isn’t! To each their own, but we definitely love to see how supportive Travis is of Tay.

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