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Angel Reese, the first college athlete with personal brand apparel



Reese chose to partner with Reebok due to aligning values and the influence of her role model and NBA all-time-legend, Shaquille O’Neal.

Angel Reese, starting forward for the Louisana State University Lady Tigers, becomes the first college athlete to have a personal brand apparel with Dick’s Sporting Goods, a major retail outlet.

The 21-year-old Maryland-born phenomenon established a name for herself on the court, now doing the same thing off the court.

On January 15, Reese’s line became available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, including jerseys, shorts, shirts, hoodies, and more beloved items. Reese’s collection is worth $11.51 billion.

Her collections convey her passion on the court, highlighting her crown signature pose and her favorite quotes. Nonetheless, “Bayou Barbie” is one of her nicknames, prompting apparel with that phrase.

Angel Reese’s rise to stardom: A personal brand
After transferring from the University of Maryland in 2022, Reese found home with the Louisiana State University Lady Tigers. In Reese’s first season with the team, she helped the Lady Tigers secure the 2023 National Championship.

Her rise to fame increased her fanbase, bringing more people to adore the Lady Tigers. However, Reese has experienced some trouble in the fall season, as she missed four games. Her absence at the start of the season had fans wondering about her playing status, sparking rumors about her grades and team chemistry.

Reese’s return came against Virginia Teach, scoring 19 points and 4 rebounds. The team was back together and the chemistry was smooth flowing, as they went on to win their next eight games.

Maryland-born Phenomenon signs with Reebok
On October 17, Reebok announced a new signing with Reese. Supporters can expect a shoe collection launch from Reese by the end of the year.

While Reese had other interests, she chose to partner with Reebok due to aligning values and the influence of her role model and NBA all-time-legend, Shaquille O’Neal.

Reese explained her reasoning in a statement to Reebok:

“Well, it started off by talking to Shaq and understanding the values that align with the brand. As a former athlete, now that he’s just been announced as their President of Basketball that is inspirational to me, just being able to see an athlete or former athlete shift from not just being an athlete, but being the President of the brand is something that’s important. I would love to do that one day.”

Inspiring the next generation
With all the opportunities presented to Reese, she reminds young children to “be authentically and unapologetically you. Never stay in a box or let anybody put you in a box. Be confident, stand strong, and stand firm on who you are.”

Angel Reese’s brand serves as a testament to her growth as a player and a person, inspiring children to work hard to achieve their goals.

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