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As Simone Biles Fights With Likes of Coco Gauff and Stephen Curry, Gymnastics Coach Makes a Public Request



After a minor diss on the NFL sidelines, two of America’s favorite couples are ready to engage in a full-on battle in the presence of Hollywood luminaries. Travis Kelce and mega pop star Taylor Swift tried to throw some shade in Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’ direction during their on-field confrontation. However, Biles was ready to supersede all drama with her trappings of love and adoration. Now, their rivalry will play out at the People’s Choice Award, where both Biles and Kelce have been nominated.

The People’s Choice Athlete of the Year Award has pitted Travis Kelce and Simone Biles against each other once more. However, the stakes for the gymnastics G.O.A.T are higher this time with the nomination of Coco Gauff and Stephen Curry in the same category. In such a formidable field of competitors, Simone Biles received the backing of a celebrated gymnastics coach.

Simone Biles did not need to look further than her family’s World Champions Centre for support. Cécile Canqueteau-Landi is her personal coach and also the assistant head coach of the girls’ competitive program. Landi, an Olympian herself, understands the pressure and expectations that come with being a top athlete. Therefore, when she found Simone Biles was contending against the likes of Coco Gauff, Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James, Lionel Messi, Sabrina Ionescu, Stephen Curry, and Travis Kelce for the People’s Choice Athlete of the Year Award, she could not help but step in. Landi shared a snap on her IG stories featuring Biles in a promotional banner with details of her nomination. The coach wrote, “Go vote! I just did” and also solicited reactions from her fans.

Simone Biles shared her coach’s story on her Instagram account. The post has a link to the PCA polling site where the fans can cast their votes in favor of their chosen athletic idols. Simone Biles is determined to win in the wake of the snide remarks from the Kelce brothers recently.

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