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Breaking News: Prince William Single-Handedly Planned His and Kate Middleton’s Romantic Honeymoon



This April 29 marks 13 years since Prince William and Kate Middleton were married at Westminster Abbey as the world watched. We’ve heard ad nauseam about the wedding since it happened—hey, no complaints here!—but very little about the couple’s two week honeymoon that followed. And that, actually, is exactly what William wanted when he planned it.

That’s right—the honeymoon planning all came down to William, and “he decided to keep details of their honeymoon a secret from Kate until after the wedding,” The Mirror reports. “It was only then that the bride discovered that they would be spending two weeks in a private villa in the Seychelles.

Hello reports that the newlyweds stayed at North Island, a private island with only 11 luxurious villas, with the intent being total escape from the outside world (and its prying eyes—24 million viewers in the U.K. alone watched their 2011 wedding, The Mirror reports). Prices at the resort start (yes—start) at around 5,772 pounds per night and increase to around 9,086 pounds per night for the most exclusive villa designed especially for honeymooners, which is likely where William and Kate stayed, The Mirror writes. (George and Amal Clooney also stayed there following their 2014 wedding, and Salma Hayek also honeymooned on the island.)

Villa 11—the aforementioned most exclusive villa—spans over 8,000 square feet, has its own private swimming pool and deck, direct access to the beach, and stunning sunrise views, Hello reports. The team promises to “spoil, surprise, and delight” during guests’ respective stays. Sign us up!

Activities offered include scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, surfing, and cycling; there are also spa facilities onsite and, of course, beautiful white sand beaches. To make sure each experience is completely unique, the chef in the restaurant doesn’t provide a menu, but instead cooks meals according to guests’ individual tastes. Food the country is known for includes spice-infused curries—which no doubt Kate would have loved while there. (William? Probably not so much.)

The Seychelles is a cluster of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa; if you’re looking to plan a visit there yourself, the best times to visit are reportedly April, May, October, and November, which makes sense as to why William chose to go there for their honeymoon. Temperatures average in the 80s and December to March is monsoon season—so probably best to avoid planning your trip then, unless that’s what you’re into. The Seychelles has a unique biodiversity and is the only place in the world other than the Galapagos where giant tortoises run wild.

In less than two weeks, William and Kate will mark their 13th wedding anniversary; The Mirror reports that “They will likely spend the day privately together—particularly in light of Kate’s cancer diagnosis.” At least they have memories of the Seychelles, and the expectation of more romantic trips together in the future.

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