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“I can’t believe I’m holding my son’s son!” exclaims Jason Kelce’s mother, who is ecstatic to finally welcome her first male grandchild…



Clearly in shock and disagreement, Travis hilariously quipped, “What?” He then noted that they weigh similar amounts, which could be a contributing factor to who can beat the other.

You’re already down to 260. We’re in the same weight class now,” he said.

“Yeah I know,” said Jason. “But you don’t have the heart I do when it comes to drinking. You’ve been drinking more than I have recently.”

Travis responded with a fiery claim: “He hasn’t stayed out past 10 p.m. since 2017!”

Jason found several examples to prove Travis’s bold statement wrong. “Did you not see me at your playoff games this year?” the now-retired Eagles player said to which Travis quipped, “Do you remember any of that?” Still keeping up his fight, Jason said “No – because I was drinking all day.”“I will destroy him because I got the mental advantage,” Jason added.

When Barkley asked which brother would reign supreme when it comes to shotgunning a beer, Travis tried to remember if the last time they did so was after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs.

We didn’t shotgun beers after the Bills, did we?” Jason asked, prompting all three NFL pros to laugh.

Travis then pointed to the silly moment in January when Jason went viral after pulling his shirt off in the stands of Highmark Stadium while cheering on his brother.

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