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“I have the ability to forgive people who have hurt me. But I don’t know if I can forgive someone who hurts her.” Selena reveals when ask her thoughts about Taylor Swift



Selena Gomez has style when it comes to sharing which songs in Taylor Swift’s discography she loves the most.

“‘Wildest Dreams,’” Gomez, 31, shared during a Friday, January 12, SiriusXM Guest DJ session on SiriusXM Hits 1. “I think this is one of her, if not, I mean I guess I shouldn’t say this, but I do think it’s one of her best songs.”

Gomez noted that the track, which is a single off of Swift’s 2014 album 1989, is “incredibly well done” all around. “The lyrics, everything,” she said. “Just the melodies, it’s one of my favorites that no matter when it comes on, I will just blast it in any mood I’m in.”

While Gomez may have been able to choose a few of her favorite Swift tracks, picking the Grammy winner’s top album is another story thanks to Swift’s creativity with each new record.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift
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“I love all the eras,” Gomez said during a September 2023 Most Requested Live interview. “I think the whole idea of creating those moments for each album is really special, so I can’t pick a favorite. I really loved it all.”

Gomez met Swift, 34, in 2008 when they went out on a double date with then-boyfriends Nick and Joe Jonas. The duo have since supported each other at every turn, from hyping up each other’s projects to showing up in important moments. Forming a long-lasting bond is something Swift knew was inevitable from the moment she and Gomez crossed paths.

“There has always been this quality of sisterhood [with Selena], and I don’t say that in a basic way,” Swift told WSJ. Magazine in 2022. “I knew from when I met her I would always have her back. In my life, I have the ability to forgive people who have hurt me. But I don’t know if I can forgive someone who hurts her.”

Gomez most recently cheered Swift on during her Eras Tour stop in Los Angeles last year, taking little sister Gracie to a concert in March 2023. Gomez channeled Swift’s Folklore album for the event, while Gracie donned a Speak Now-inspired getup and was gifted the “Anti-Hero” artist’s hat during her “22” performance.

“Thank you bestie for having me and my sissy transport into your mystical, euphoric and special world,” Gomez gushed via Instagram after the show. “Proud to know you! love you forever and always.”

Several months later, it was Swift’s turn to gush over Gomez when the Only Murders in the Building star released her first new song in two years, titled “Single Soon.”

“When [your] bestie is the bestest,” Swift wrote via her Instagram Story, praising the track “Will be dancing to this forever methinks.”

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