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Love Is Blind’s Chelsea REACTS To Travis Kelce DISRESPECTING Her (VIDEO)



Chelsea Blackwell is hoping Travis Kelce will turn a blind eye to her antics.

In fact, the Love Is Blind star jokingly asked the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and his girlfriend Taylor Swift to “please stop” watching the Netflix dating show after Travis publicly poked fun of her viral “clingy” moment.

“I feel like I need to crawl under a rock at this point because Travis Kelce did an impersonation of me,” Chelsea said in a March 20 video shared on Instagram. “And the only outlet this man knows my name—or not even knows my name, knows me—is from whining like a baby back b—h.”

As seen on an episode of Travis’ New Heights podcast released on the same day, the NFL star urged his older brother and cohost Jason Kelce to watch Love Is Blind, calling it the “worst trash ever” but also “so f–king good.”

“Honestly, I just want you to watch the one girl,” he continued, referencing Chelsea. “Just hear her.”

Travis then scrunched his face and said in a falsetto voice: “You think I’m clingy? I’m clingy, really?”

The impersonation was of Chelsea’s confrontation with her former fiancé Jimmy Presnell, who said he needed a “breather” from their relationship during season six’s eighth episode.

“Truthfully, you’ve been a little clingy,” he told Chelsea at the time, to which the flight attendant responded, “Are you f–king kidding me? That was f–king rude.”

“I do not ever want to be with someone who says I’m too clingy, especially someone who put a f–king ring on my finger,” Chelsea argued. “I cooked you dinner, I stayed by myself, then I sat and watched your f–king show with you. And you say I’m too clingy?”

Although the couple broke up on the season finale, they remain on friendly terms. As Jimmy recently told E! News, “We’ve been leaning on each other a lot.”

“I want to be a rock for her,” the software salesman added, “and I want to stick up for her and help her where I can.”

For a relationship status update on all the Love Is Blind couples, keep reading.

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