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New photo emerges of Taylor Swift celebrating arm-in-arm with Kylie Kelce in Chiefs’ VIP box at the Bills game



New photo emerges of Taylor Swift celebrating arm-in-arm with Kylie Kelce in Chiefs’ VIP box at the Bills game… after boyfriend Travis scored two touchdowns in incredible win

It was a family reunion at Highmark Stadium Sunday night as Taylor Swift finally met Kansas City Chiefs boyfriend Travis Kelce’s brother Jason and sister-in-law Kylie and the trio appeared to have warmed to one another.

With the Philadelphia Eagles out of the playoffs, Jason and Kylie headed to Orchard Park to cheer Travis on in his own game where they met up with the pop star.

And the meeting appeared to go well as Taylor was captured chatting with Jason, Kylie and the brothers’ mom Donna throughout the game.

Following the Chiefs’ win, Taylor seemed to bond with Kylie, who has been married to the Eagles center since 2018, as they posed together.

The pair beamed for the camera with the songstress holding up her drink with her free hand to toast the win.

Kylie appeared to be repping Travis and Jason’s New Heights podcast as the logo could be seen in yellow on the front of her red t-shirt – the closest the lifelong Eagles fan will likely get to wearing Chiefs merchandise.

She also appeared to have been initiated into Swift’s game-day girl squad as she was captured leaning into Swift in a photo of the gang, which also included Brittany Mahomes, Cara Delevingne and Lindsay Bell.

The photos appear to dispel claims of a frost relationship between Travis’s superstar girlfriend and his brother and sister-in-law.

There had been reports recently that Swift has an ‘awkward relationship’ with Jason and Kylie – who have typically been more introverted compared to Travis, and that’s before he started dating the most famous person on the planet.

Kylie even said back in November that she prefers watching games from the stands with fans rather than in a suite – but given the 20 degree temperatures in Buffalo on Sunday night, it was a good time to make an exception.

However, the mother-of-three found her hands full with her shirtless husband and his antics.

Jason faced the wrath of his wife after ripping off his shirt and jumping into the crowd during the Chiefs’ win against Buffalo.

Jason was filmed roaring into the night without his top on, holding a can of beer in the 20 degree weather. Kylie could be seen watching on stunned in the background as the celebrations in suite erupted while mom Donna was pointing at Jason going wild.

He was then sensationally filmed jumping out of the window of the box and climbing into the stands to celebrate with the thousands of fans packed into the stadium. He necked the rest of his beer before climbing back through the window in extraordinary scenes.

But Kylie reportedly urged her man to exit the stands as Patrick Mahomes’s dad relayed the message to the former Super Bowl winner to ‘get his a** back’.

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