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Petition Urges Taylor Swift To Drive Voters Registration At Super Bowl



Some 30,000 progressives sign petition urging Taylor Swift to ‘flash a QR code’ at Super Bowl to drive voter registration, fuelling theory that Travis Kelce romance is ‘election pysop’

Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition urging Taylor Swift to ‘flash a QR code’ at the Super Bowl to drive up voter registrations and hurt Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election.

By Friday afternoon, more than 28,000 people had inked the petition on, calling on Swift to use her stardom and the Super Bowl 58 spotlight in Las Vegas on Sunday to drum up support for the Democrats.

The petition further fuels fears among conservatives and conspiracy theorists that Swift — and her romance with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce — is part of an elaborate plan to help President Joe Biden win a second term in November.

‘Last year, Taylor Swift posted a link to register to vote on her Instagram stories and reported more than 35,000 registrations in just 24 hours,’ says the petition.

Imagine how many voters she could get to register by leveraging the media attention from Super Bowl LVIII weekend alone.’

The petition’s organizers say Swift ‘has an opportunity to reach voters on a tremendous scale’ thanks to becoming a ‘common sighting at NFL games’ since she started dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

The Super Bowl face-off between Kelce’s team and the San Francisco 49ers will be watched by some 100 million people, they add.

Among them are many of the 41 million Gen Zers who are now eligible to vote — and Swift sharing a QR code during the event could encourage enough voter registrations to swing the election result in November.

Better still, Swift could share the code at performances of her record-breaking Eras Tour, it adds.

‘Twice-impeached and disgraced former president Donald Trump is running again,’ says the petition.

‘The stakes are high and the foundation of our democracy is literally on the line.’

Kelce and Swift made their relationship public in September with the singer’s first appearance at a Chiefs game.

Swift is expected to attend her 13th game in the Super Bowl in Nevada despite having a concert in Tokyo the day prior.

The country-pop star from West Reading, Pennsylvania, is not overtly political and appeals to both liberals and conservatives.

In 2020, she endorsed the Democratic presidential team, releasing a photo of herself holding a tray of ‘Biden Harris 2020’ cookies.

In recent weeks, right-wing conspiracy theorists have suggested Swift’s growing stardom and attendance at Kelce’s NFL games are part of a nefarious plot to swing November’s election.

Swift, they say, is a ‘Pentagon asset,’ an ‘election interference psyop’ who, with unnamed liberals plotted to ‘rig’ the Super Bowl and then endorse Biden in the presidential ballot.

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