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Prince Harry and King Charles Reportedly Met for a Surprisingly Short Period of Time



Prince Harry and King Charles Reportedly Met for a Surprisingly Short Period of Time
And there are apparently plans for Harry to be in the U.K. more often.

After news broke about Prince Harry arriving in London on Tuesday afternoon — less than 24 hours after Buckingham Palace shared that King Charles III had been diagnosed with a “form of cancer” — The Independent reported that the two spent less than an hour together before the monarch and his wife, Queen Camilla, went to Sandringham via helicopter. Harry was seen at Clarence House at 2:42 p.m. local time and sources told the paper that their meeting lasted about 45 minutes.

The outlet adds that the sit-down was the first time that the father and son have had a face-to-face conversation since Queen Elizabeth’s passing in 2022. Harry attended King Charles’s coronation last year, but reportedly didn’t interact with Charles or Camilla.

With Charles taking time off, Prince Edward is set to return to his royal duties early. He hasn’t had anything on his calendar after returning from a trip on Jan. 26, but he’s expected to fill in for the king while he undergoes treatment. Additionally, William, the Prince of Wales; Queen Camilla; and other royals will be taking on more responsibility in the coming weeks, especially as Kate Middleton also recovers from her abdominal surgery.
A source close to William told The Times that there were “no plans” for him to spend time with Harry while he’s in the United Kingdom. Another source close to the family mentioned to The Daily Mirror that Harry is “making plans to spend more time in England so he can be there physically for his father.” The last time he was in his home country back was in September 2023, when he attended a gala for WellChild.

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