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Simone Biles Exposes Scary Complexities of Gymnastics



Simone Biles Exposes Scary Complexities of Gymnastics as Expectation to Compete on Surfaces Thinner Than iPhone Comes to Light

The athletic world is only a few years away from crowning Simone Biles as the GOAT Gymnast. In a league of her own, she stands as one of the most decorated US athletes. But even after spending her whole life in the field, Biles is left surprised by the complexity of gymnastics. The 27-year-old recently shared her amusement over the size of the gym apparatus in an Instagram story.

On one hand, gymnastics is a scary sport. The artistic moves athletes perform look scary to the naked eye. Wouldn’t it be even harder to master those moves? But how hard would it be if one has to compete on surfaces thinner than an iPhone?

In her latest Instagram story, Simone Biles shared the scary details of the new analogy of the balance beam. Adding multiple shock-expressing emojis, she reposted a post from Planet Of Gymnastics which read, “New analogy the beam is thinner than the length of an iPhone“. The width of the balance beam is 10 centimeters or 4 inches while the length of an iPhone is more than that by several inches.

Balancing on the 4-inch surface is a huge task in itself. But performing flips, jumps and dances and then landing perfectly on the same thin surface is astounding. It surely is a tough task, but the gymnastics queen is tougher. She has won over 25 medals on the beam, racking up a flawless routine after routine. Given the complexity involved in a single routine, Biles undoubtedly deserves more respect as other gymnastics apparatus is even thinner and scarier.

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