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Simone Biles Husband Jonathan Owens Leaves Home Due To Emotional Struggle



After Emotional Struggles, Jonathan Owens Finally Returns Home to Simone Biles

The love story between Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens doesn’t appear to be something written in heaven. The Green Bay Packers’ Safety made some horrendous revelations on his initial take on Simone Biles. On the other hand, the GOAT athlete tried to manage all the circumstances coming out of her personal or gymnastics commitment. Managing both at the same time couldn’t pan out to be without painstaking effort. But the 26-year-old gymnast tried to remain on the happier side.

For a sporty individual who already has a history of facing mental health constraints, the process of staying happy evokes interest. Recently, Simone Biles shared one of such.

For Simone Biles, the grueling distance from her husband Jonathan Owens because of their sporting commitments became a worrying factor. The Olympic champion athlete repeatedly tried to make a conversation with the distance through her presence in the NFL matches or practice seasons. All this came when the athlete tried to evade her busy practice schedule for title contentions. Now, a beautiful visual came into the place when JO made a hasty return after completing his seasonal NFL engagement with the Green Bay Packers. The cheered wife, Simone Biles, could enjoy the moment with an IG story share captioning, “look whose home… my heart” with several emotion-filled emojis.

Reportedly, Simone Biles also made her fence line appearance against that last NFL match of Jonathan Owens. The match result gave a heartbreak to the Green Bay Packers and its fans. But the gymnast cheered wholeheartedly for the husband the complete match, trying her best to fill the moment. But still, eyeing an Olympic return in the French capital, the 4x Olympic champion had to return from California after last weekend’s game day. However, now it was the NFL homebody’s turn to come home to mollify his GOAT wife. However, except few stints, JO tried to play a similar reveling role for Simone Biles.

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