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The Color Purple director Blitz Bazawule on ‘beautiful’ handwritten note Beyoncé gave him after he landed film



Exclusive: “She’s always been a source of excellence for me” says Blitz of Bey, who he worked with on Black Is King

Director Blitz Bazawule has revealed he received a handwritten note from Beyoncé after it was announced he would be helming The Color Purple.

The filmmaking talent, whose latest movie is out next week, co-directed Beyoncé’s musical film Black Is King in 2020.

Speaking to Attitude last November ahead of next week’s UK release of Purple – a musical remake of the 1985 Oscar-winner – the 41-year-old said he and ‘My House’ singer Bey were still in touch after three years.

“B is the busiest human!” – The Color Purple‘s Blitz Bazawule on Beyoncé
“She has written me a beautiful note just to say ‘congrats’,” explained Blitz. “When I got the job, she was just very… gracious.”

When asked if Beyoncé had visited the The Color Purple set during production, Blitz said: “No, no, no – B is, like, the busiest human!”

Blitz added: “She wanted to see my film, but was on the Renaissance tour, and has a movie coming out on the 1st [December – Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé]. So she’s promised to come and see it before it opens.”

“She’s always been, for me, a source of excellence,” he added. “If we talk or whenever there’s an opportunity to get a message to her, it’s always met with grace. I’m very fortunate.”

“No one from where I’m from has ever directed a studio picture before”
Asked if he was ever in the surreal position of attending Zoom meetings with The Color Purple producers Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg to discuss the film, Blitz replied: “Of course, multiple times,” adding that he screen-grabbed the conversations to keep as mementos.

“You have to go on mute first, otherwise everyone knows you’ve done it!” he explained. “I’m a professional!”

Spielberg directed the 1985 version of The Colur Purple, while Oprah acted in the film as Sofia.

“I still can’t believe it. I’m a kid from Ghana. No one from where I’m from has ever directed a studio picture before,” Blitz went on.

“Anytime I get to interface with Oprah, or Steven, or Quincey [Jones, another of the film’s producers], it’s unbelievable. I still pinch myself. I’m reminded that I’ve prayed for these times.”

The Color Purple is released in UK cinemas on 26 January 2024.

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