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“Travis has always been Travis” Patrick Mahomes reveals amidst relationship with Taylor Swift



Patrick Mahomes reveals relationship with Taylor Swift hasn’t changed Travis Kelce despite all the attention
Patrick Mahomes recently spoke about how Travis Kelce remains grounded amidst his relationship with Taylor Swift and growing fame.

The recent connection between NFL star Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift has stirred up media buzz and is attracting considerable attention.

However, Patrick Mahomes has shed some light on how this high-profile relationship has impacted their team dynamics, particularly Travis Kelce’s behavior.

Patrick Mahomes on Travis Kelce amidst stardom
At the heart of this narrative is Mahomes’ observation that Kelce remains unaffected by his elevated fame due to his relationship with Swift.

Mahomes noted, “Travis has always been Travis,” emphasizing that the tight end’s authenticity and grounded nature haven’t wavered despite the glitz of stardom.

Mahomes further adds, “It’s been cool to watch for me because he has all that attention but he’s just been himself the whole time. He’s still Travis Kelce.”

Mahomes’ insights into the team dynamics reveal a harmonious blend of personal and professional lives.

He mentions, “He still will walk through the stadium and treat every single person like they’re his best friend,” emphasizing Kelce’s unchanged nature.

Additionally, Mahomes has also noticed a growing friendship between his wife, Brittany, and Taylor Swift, further exemplifying the balance.

Despite his burgeoning fame, his focus on football remains unwavering.

Kelce’s journey over the past year has been nothing short of remarkable.

From his standout performance in the Super Bowl to hosting Saturday Night Live, and now his high-profile relationship, he has become a household name far beyond the realms of football.

As the Chiefs prepare for their AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, their focus remains firmly on their performance.

But Travis Kelce’s love story, blossoming in the public eye, has not only captured the hearts of fans but also sparked commentary from Kelce’s teammates.

Love in the air for Travis Kelve and Taylor Swift
Drue Tranquill, Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs teammate, has observed the couple’s interactions and believes there might be something profound between them.

“They’ve got really, really something going,” Tranquill commented, hinting at the possibility of love.

This observation comes as Swift and Kelce’s relationship, which went public in September, has become a staple at Chiefs games.

Interestingly, Tranquill reveals that the relationship has become a playful topic among the team. “You don’t really feel it and hear too much of it inside the locker room,” he says but mentions moments like when their DJ plays a Taylor Swift song during practice, leading to light-hearted jokes.

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