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Travis Kelce; I Said i love kissing Taylor because she is my babe, don’t interpret it to her nakedness.Travis Kelce response to critics



I don’t think anyone wants to come down from the high that TNT served us on Sunday, especially not the media, myself included. Seems like every other post at Page Six right now is about Taylor Swift mostly and Travis Kelce adjacently and I’m sure that’ll continue for at least another couple of days until the Grammys, until Taylor gives us more content, but this time about her job and not his.

As we have seen, however, no one is more thirsty than the NFL. They posted this on TikTok and it’s pinned, LOOOOOLLL:

So we have now, thankfully, moved past lipreading and we’re now just straight eavesdropping which is definitely more reliable than lipreading but you will note, the NFL only captioned the start of the video and not what Travis says to Taylor and what she says back because their voices are kinda muffled but now everyone thinks that he tells her he loves her “so much it’s not even funny” and that she says “I love you back” and that she’s never been this happy, or something? I can cosign the “I love yous”, but the rest of it? The “so much it’s not even funny” part? It’s a f-cking stretch. An unnecessary stretch. Not as coocoo bananas as lipreading but not that far off either. Social media script writing is getting out of control.

We can, however, talk about the “I love you”. Travis, clearly, was emotional about his team’s victory and being surrounded by his loved ones and on these kinds of occasions, well, everything is heightened. The “I love yous” come out real easy in these moments. But, sure, our takeaway now is that, well, after at least six months of dating, that’s where they are in their relationship. It’s “I love you”, in public, which would suggest that that’s being said in private too, right? Right! Let’s leave it at that, it’s enough, we don’t need to be making sh-t up unnecessarily.

When people aren’t speculating about what TNT may have said to each other, they’re preoccupied with whether or not she’ll be at the Super Bowl and what else she might do that night, or if there’s about to be a reputation (Taylor’s Version) announcement. NY Mag did a roundup of all the conspiracy theories related to Taylor’s possible attendance at the Super Bowl with a summary of all the outlets that have been breaking down the time zone and travel information because, of course, she’s scheduled to be in Tokyo next week for The Eras tour.

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