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Travis Kelce tricked President Biden in Super Bowl White House prank but he was too slow for Patrick Mahomes



Travis Kelce has gained a reputation as a jokester and his mischievous ways were on full display at the White House last year.

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII back in February 2023 and continued the long-standing tradition of SB champions visiting the White House and meeting the President.

The Chiefs enjoyed a tour of the iconic Washington DC residence and met with President Biden inside the Oval Office.

Afterwards, Biden and the Chiefs posed for pictures outside the White House with Kelce and Patrick Mahomes holding up a No. 46 Biden jersey.

At that point, Kelce seized the opportunity to pull of one of the oldest tricks in the book, pointing off into the distance to distract 80-year-old Biden so he could reel off a few words at the President’s podium.

The cheeky tight end approached the podium and said to the microphone “So, I’ve been waiting to do this…”.

Thankfully teammate Mahomes was on his toes and managed to intervene before Kelce said something he’d later regret.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Mahomes said while waving his hands in apology.

Following the incident, Kelce revealed on his New Heights podcast with brother Jason what he actually wanted to say.

“Obviously, the President at the podium, it’s iconic, right?,” he said.

Jason replied, “If you started off with ‘My fellow Americans,’ that would’ve been such a showstopper.”

“I don’t think they would’ve kicked you off. If somebody gets up to the podium and says ‘My fellow Americans,’ it’s like immediate like ‘Alright, what’s this dude about to say.’”

Jason was also quick to praise Mahomes for being an alert, diligent friend to Travis.

“Pat [Mahomes] knew right away when you pointed,” said Jason.

“He was like ‘There ain’t nothing over there. If I know this is a flanking move – I know Travis, and he’s a flanker.’

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