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When discussing his brother Jason’s retirement, Travis Kelce starts crying: “It seems vacant.”



Travis Kelce broke down in tears while reflecting on brother Jason Kelce’s retirement from professional football after a stellar 13 seasons playing for the NFL.

“You’ve always been a step ahead of me in this game,” Travis told his older brother on Wednesday’s episode of their “New Heights” podcast.

“It’s always been like I’ve had this flotation device right there,” he continued.

And to have you out of it, it feels empty. It definitely feels like it’s complete. It was a success.”

Travis Kelce turned into a blubbering mess as he reflected on Jason Kelce’s retirement news. New Heights Podcast

The Kansas City Chiefs player teared up as he thanked his brother on their “New Heights podcast. New Heights Podcast

“It’s always been like I’ve had this flotation device right there. And to have you out of it, it feels empty,” Travis said through tears. New Heights Podcast.

Travis’ voice began to quiver as he became emotional while recalling the former Philadelphia Eagles center’s past successes.

“It was a fun-ass journey to watch, and like I said yesterday, man, I just appreciate you showing me the way and bringing us all along the journey with you,” Travis said through tears.

Jason replied by telling the Kansas City Chiefs tight end that they “showed each other the way.”

Travis said he appreciated Jason for showing him “the way.”New Heights Podcast/YouTube

“It was a fun-ass journey to watch,” Travis said.New Heights Podcast/YouTube.

Listen, I’m out of playing but I’m still going to the games,” Jason said. “You’ve been playing for a long time on your own and I look forward to being able to appreciate and watch your games more and take in the bigger picture of football and everything that it has to offer.”

Jason added that he and his family will still remain in Philadelphia and that he’s looking forward to an “exciting” new chapter where he’ll get to experience things he’s never done before.

“It was cool being the tag team of the National Football League. Pretty cool s–t,” Travis admitted as he continued to struggle holding back his sobs.

Jason said he still plans on being involved with the NFL in other ways.New Heights Podcast/YouTube

“It was cool being the tag team of the National Football League. Pretty cool s–t,” Travis said.New Heights Podcast/YouTube

Travis added that he hadn’t really discussed Jason’s retirement speech from Monday because he was letting him do his “own thing.”

“I couldn’t have been more proud listening to you yesterday,” Travis said. “It’s been a lot of emotions. A lot of sad emotions, a lot of exciting emotions. I mean, you’ve got the f–king world in your palm now, dude.

“You’ve got three little ones I know you’re dying to watch grow up,” Travis continued, referring to Jason’s three kids with wife Kylie: Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 3, and Bennie, 1.

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